Beakerz Science Boxes

Q. How do I subscribe?

A.   You can purchase one box at a time, or save by pre-paying for six months in advance (shipped monthly). 

Q. What if I have multiple children? Do we need to buy multiple boxes?

A.   No! We know what it's like to be a sibling, and to have more than one student at home :) So we offer sibling sets, when purchased alongside a box, which consist of extra supplies at a much lower cost. These are also available at a pre-paid 6 month discount (shipped monthly). We want everyone to participate!

Q. What is included in the boxes?

A.   Our Beakerz Sciences boxes ship with everything needed for the experiments/activities that go along with our science lessons. These video lessons, taught by Professor Beakerz, are accessed through our virtual classroom on Moodle - an education platform. You will be emailed with login information for Moodle prior to your box arriving. On Moodle, you will find the video lessons, notes for parents, and fun quizzes on the lessons. 

Q. Can my children do this alone?

A.   NO. Children must be supervised, as our boxes come with materials that need to be handled and overseen by an adult. They will need assistance and supervision as they do their experiments and activities. Parents, you can follow along with the videos on our YouTube Channel. 



Bring Beakerz to Your School



Q. How do Beakerz classes work?

A.   Our licensed teachers will come to the classroom once a week and engage your students with 30-40 minutes of hands-on science experiments and activities to build their love of science and exploration.

Typical Class:

Instructor comes to class or the students are brought to the extra-curricular room.

3-5 mins: fun introduction of the science topic of the day

20-30 mins: experiment-based science instruction

Instructor returns students to classrooms


Beakerz also offers field trips, science summer camp classes, and classroom science kits.

For more information, contact us at info@beakerzscience.com.


Q. What are the lessons each week?

A:   Our classes include:

The Scientific Method

Scientific Tools


Chemical Reactions

Dry Ice (Sublimation)


Animals (Vertebrates/Invertebrates)


Bugs (Insects/Arachnids) 

Worms (Annelids)





Senses (7 classes)

The Human Body

Healthy Choices

Static Electricity








Q: Who pays for the classes?

A:   We offer a variety of payment options, which includes but is not limited to, the following:

The school can pay for the program as a supplement to the STEM curriculum

The school can choose to allow it on campus as an extracurricular class billed directly by Beakerz to the parents.


Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A:   Yes, we take safety very seriously. Beakerz instructors are licensed, insured, have completed a background check, are fingerprinted, and have First Aid & CPR certification. Additionally, each school is listed as an additional insured.


Q: Does our school need to sign a contract?

A:   No, we custom tailor each program to meet your needs and requirements. Our programs are extremely flexible in order to make the process easy for administrators.


Q: Do you offer in-house field trips?

A:   Yes, we can bring some serious FUN to your school’s program at any time. Please contact us for more information. Have more questions? Please give us a call or shoot us an email at info@beakerzscience.com.