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At-home Science Activities & Experiments

Looking for a way to bring science lessons into your homeschool curriculum?

Beakerz Science boxes offer engaging and fun science lessons for Pre-K through 4th grade.

Lessons focus on foundational science concepts, preparing students for the ever-growing STEM needs and challenges around them.

Students are introduced to key words - and activities and experiments are then thoughtfully used to engage students in those concepts. Each month comes with 4 lessons with activities, videos with Professor Beakerz, quizzes and more on our virtual classroom - Moodle.

Science Subscriptions

Classroom Science

Beakerz Science started and continues in the classroom. If you are looking for supplemental science for your students, we've got you covered.

We now offer Beakerz Classroom Kits, giving all teachers the tools they need to bring hands-on science to their students. Kits are designed to provide the same materials and lessons as our subscription boxes, just multiplied to fit your classroom size. Contact us for more information.

Our engaging, hands-on lessons are fun and educational, encouraging our students to view themselves as scientists and critical thinkers.

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Video Lessons

Professor Beakerz has a heart for early childhood science education, and these fun, educational videos are just what families are looking for. 

Join Professor Beakerz as she explores the wonders of science. Subscribe to our Beakerz Science YouTube channel for new adventures every week.

Follow along in the activities with your very own Beakerz Science box curriculum. 

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Why Beakerz Science?

Your students will grasp scientific concepts through fun and engaging experiments!

Beakerz Science is Inspiring


Chemical reactions!!!!!!!!!! Need we say more?


See how dry ice can make quarters shiver, spoons squeal and the sublimating CO2 fill a balloon!


Learn the life-cycle of a plant, the classification of animals, the significance of habitats and the wonders of our senses!


Learn about our solar system and the rockets that can take us there!

Beakerz Science is Immersive

Beakerz Science Fosters Insightful Thinkers for the Future

Where We Teach

  • Polaris Learning Center
  • Nature's Child
  • Montessori Academy


Our son loves Beakerz and has been so excited to tell us about everything he's been learning. We're thrilled to have him so interested in science.

Virginia J.

My 3 year old loves Beakerz! Every morning she asks me if it is Beakerz day at preschool. Not only does she get to have fun with science at her preschool, she gets to take home fun little activities to do with me at home. We enjoy talking about what she has learned and she gets so excited talking about what activity she did. Highly recommend Beakerz!!!!!

Alicia W.

Very cool! My guy loves coming home and talking about what he’s learned in science!

Chelle W.

(Our Son) He absolutely LOVES it!!!! He's the only person I know that looks forward to Mondays...Thank you  for sharing with the kids.