Classroom Kits (20 students)

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Beakerz Science Kits designed for your classroom.  

Whether you're a preschool teacher or participate in a co-op program, our kits provide all of the materials you'll need for four hands-on and fun-filled science lessons, for 20 students.

Prepare your students for the ever-growing STEM world with science boxes including 4 hands-on activities and experiments, along with access to fun and engaging teaching videos that will introduce them to the wonders and fun of science learning.

Come join the science fun with Professor Beakerz as you learn lessons on the Scientific Method, Dinosaurs, Chemical Reactions, and more! All while doing hands-on activities with guided video lessons with Professor Beakerz!


Help your students discover the wonder and excitement available to them through the study of science. We'll deliver!

*kits include supplies for 20 students and access to our teaching videos. There is no subscription required. You can purchase the kit topics you choose. We currently have boxes 1-6 available. Contact us should you need more than 20 supply sets.


*Stuffed animals and decorative objects *filled beakers & test tubes) not included.